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It happens to everyone at some point, “Why is my car making weird noises?”, and Finch Nissan is here to help. We’ve written up an overview of the different types of strange car noises, and what they mean. After going through it, if you think your vehicle is in need of service our dedicated team of expert are happy to help.

A Glossary of Strange Car Noises

Have you been wondering, what on earth are those weird noises?! Below are what the most common strange car noises mean.

  • High-pitched sounds: If you hear this when you shut off your engine, it may be time to readjust or replace the belt, or check the radiator pressure cap. A whistling noise from under the hood may indicate vacuum leaks.
  • Ticking: If you hear regular ticking when your engine idles, turn the car off and allow it to cool down. Check the oil level or consider a valve adjustment if there is enough oil. A similar sound may be coming from your tires, which may point to tire wear and wheels being off balance.
  • Squealing: If there is squealing when you step on the brake, the brake pads may be worn and need replacing, which should be done rather quickly.
  • Whining/humming: When you’re going through curves and hear this sound, your wheel bearings may be worn.
  • Clunking: Clunking coming from under the vehicle may be a sign of issues with the shock absorbers and suspension system.

Schedule Auto Service in London

After reading everything above, if you’re still wondering what the noises mean, or they don’t fit your vehicle’s weird noises, don’t worry! Just schedule a service with the experts here at Finch Nissan. We’ll figure out your vehicle’s issues affordably, effectively, and efficiently.