Question: Is the Pathfinder automatic transmission?

- Angie

There's a really short answer to this, and it is yes! The slightly longer answer is that every trim of the 2022 Nissan Pathfinder has a brand new 9-speed automatic transmission, that helps to deliver quick response and enhanced control while also maximizing fuel economy. The manual mode paddle shifters give the driver even more control right at their fingertips. This was an all-new transmission for the Pathfinder, and those 9 set gears and give it all it needs to perform at its peak whether your towing a trailer, or cruising down the highway.

Question: How much cargo space does the Pathfinder have?

- Adam

If we're talking straight up maximum cargo space, it means folding down 2 rows of seats and only having room for the front driver and front passenger. If we do that, the Pathfinder has over 80.5 cubic feet of cargo space. That's a lot! We know what you're thinking- "Yeah but what if I'm in it with my family and we need two rows of seating?", well with a third row folded flat the Pathfinder still has over 45 cubic feet of storage space!

Question: Is the Pathfinder a full-size SUV?

- Kelsey

Yes it is! Wards lists the Pathfinder and it's large cross utility segment as a full-sized SUV. Plus, with it's three rows of seating capacity, and seating up to 8, it's the second largest member of the Nissan crossover SUV line up behind the Nissan Armada. With it's available intelligent four wheel drive and up to 80.5 cubic feet of cargo space it's spacious and capable.

Question: What are the Pathfinder dimensions?

- Leah

Okay let's start up at the front, to take in the 2022 Pathfinder's wide stance. It measures 77.9 inches wide overall, with a track width of 66.9 inches. Then by moving to the side, we can get a good look at it's 7 inches of ground clearance and it's overall height. At the roof rails it measures 70.9 inches high, and for overall length we have it at 197.7 inches long. So, a little over 16 feet with a wheelbase of a 114.2 inches or about 9 1/2 feet.

Question: How roomy is the Pathfinder interior?

- David

The Pathfinder has 148 cubic feet of passenger volume across it's three rows. That makes it easy to picture all that space in your mind, such as if you plan on transporting a lot of shoe boxes! That being said, look at the video and how well our demonstrator fits second row. In the second row you have 35.5 inches of leg room, and 39.6 inches of head room, plus with the added space of the moonroof. The front row has 44.3 inches of leg room and 42.3 inches of headroom in the Platinum model with a panoramic moonroof like the one in the video. Then, in the all important third row, you still have 28 inches of leg room and 37.8 inches of headroom. So, yes we like to think of it as very roomy, and we think your passengers will to.