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1. Traction for Stopping AWD and 4x4 systems primarily assist with moving forward. They don't necessarily improve your vehicle's ability to stop. Winter tires are specifically designed to enhance ...Read More

1. Enhanced Traction and Stability Winter tires are designed with a specific rubber compound and tread pattern that provides superior grip on icy and snowy surfaces. When the temperature drops bel...Read More

2022 Nissan Pathfinder Review Nissan’s mid-size SUV gets the all-new treatment for 2022, including a new 8-seat option, standard ProPilot Assist across the lineup, an improved suspension and 9-s...Read More

Trust the experts at Finch Used Cars, your home for this great used Fiat 500 Sport Turbo for sale in London, Ontario, and the London ON area. Check out this rare, mint-condition used 2013 Fiat 500...Read More

How to tell if your tire needs replacing How to check your tire treads is very important, but so is when to check. If your tires depth is 1.5 mm, you will need to replace them for the safety of yo...Read More

Steps to jump start your car. Here we give you a quick lesson on how to jump-start your vehicle in an easy step-by-step guide. Learn how to connect jumper cables, and boost the battery so you can ...Read More

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