Coming Soon: Introducing the Nissan Ariya

Introducing the Nissan Ariya.

Time to work on your play ethic.

Futuristic design on the horizon

ARIYA is the stunning expression of Nissan’s new vision. Here, a single horizon line replaces more conventional contours for a sleek, futuristic look. Thin LED headlights shine at night, then disappear during the day. The final touch? An illuminated badge to light the way forward.

Timeless style, everyday purpose

The all-new Ariya is refreshingly open, so you can breathe and relax. If you want a few extra inches, slide the armrest back. The flat floor adds to the spacious feel, while the glowing lantern creates a serene ambience.

Experience a new way to move

Spend a day with Nissan Ariya. Take a virtual drive to see how you'll feel thrilled, at ease, in control.

The new Nissan ariya
The new Nissan ariya

Unexpected thrill

With dual motors, e-4ORCE All-Wheel Drive feels like an instant rush, delivering up to 100% power to the front or rear wheels. That translates into exceptional all-climate traction, comfort and cornering. Plus, the new e-Pedal offers smooth single-pedal driving for a thrill that only builds. (*)

A force of wonder

Introducing the all-new ARIYA, a next-generation fully electric crossover. With visionary design and breakthrough innovation, it's the purest expression of Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

Nissan Ariya