Andrea Elaschuk

Andrea Elaschuk


About Andrea

What inspired Andrea to begin a career in the automotive industry is her passion for cars. A couple years ago Andrea bought her first car, an e90 BMW 335I. After a bit of research, she learned about how this car is commonly modified so Andrea took some time to learn more and experiment with it. She began building her BMW and meeting people who have a passion for cars as well. It got to the point that every day she would research, dream, and want to learn more about different cars. Along the way Andrea met a couple friends who had a career as a sales consultant, and they encourage her to apply at FINCH NISSAN! Since joining our team, Andrea knew that this was a career for her.

In her spare time, Andrea enjoy researching about cars while cuddling with her three adorable dogs! She also loves watching YouTube videos to learn more and expand her automotive knowledge. A fun fact that people tend to be surprised to learn about Andrea is she has been studing martial arts since she was nine years old! Andrea has competed in world championships for eight years and has travelled all over the world.

Why work with Andrea and Finch Nissan? From her passion to learn more about what is new and trending in the automotive world, to her love for meeting new people and helping them find a car they love, Andrea is a perfect choice to help you buy your next vehicle! She always ensures that everyone has a positive and memorable vehicle purchasing experience!