Bassel Elkadri

Bassel Elkadri


About Bassel

Bassel has always had a love for cars meeting new and interesting people. If you know Bassel, you would know car sales is the perfect fit for his personality. Outside of work you can find Bassel either working on cars, detailing them, or watching Youtube reviews about all the amazing new cars hitting the market!

We're so glad that Bassel picked Finch Hyundai to start his automotive career in, as he's a huge asset to our team! Since his start in 2020, Bassel has faced many challenges that are irregular in the automotive industry, from Covid, the multiple lock-downs, to supply chain issues, but his perseverance has allowed him to thrive! Excited that things are heading back to normal, Bassel has overcome huge hurdles which have set him up for success and the ability to deliver the highest customer satisfaction.

Some of Bassel's hobbies include working on cars, grilling on the bbq, hanging out with friends and most importantly spending time with his beautiful wife Hala.

One thing people might be surprised by is that Bassel completed 5 years in the Canadian Armed Forces. The highlight of his military career was being involved in the Naval Security Team, which is a tactical operations group within the Canadian Navy. Through the Navy, he was able to travel often and he loves to share the experiences of where he lived and was able to visit.

Why work with Bassel and Finch Nissan? Working with Bassel is a great option if you're looking for a relaxed, low pressure buying experience. Instead of selling a customer a vehicle he likes, Bassel always finds the car that fits his customers and their lifestyle. Bassel's mission is customer satisfaction and will go above and beyond to make sure he achieves that.