Jamal Hijazi



About Jamal

Jamal has been acquainted with the Finch family from a very young age. After school and on the weekends his dad Hass, would bring him to work at the dealership. It was there that Jamal swiftly fell in love with the family environment that enveloped his dad at every Finch location he worked at(which now includes not only Finch Nissan, but also our sister stores Finch Hyundai and Genesis London). As a kid, every chance he got, he would dress and act just like his dad. So it is no surprise that he followed in his footsteps when choosing a career in the automotive industry.

Jamal enjoys staying physically active whenever he has free time. Even though he has spent his entire childhood playing baseball and hockey, he still jumps at any chance he gets to play some basketball or put on some skates so that he can hang out with the boys. The remainder of his time is devoted to spending quality time with his wonderful fiance and multi-award winning family.

Why work with Jamal and Finch Nissan? Jamal treats each and every customer as a close personal friend. He isn't interested in making a sale; rather, he wants to cultivate genuine connections that will last a lifetime with his customers.