Kyle O’Brien

Kyle O'Brien


About Kyle

Throughout his life, Kyle has had jobs that involved a lot of physical labour and repetitive task that left him unfulfilled. He has many friends and family in the automotive industry which showcased the benefits and fun and new challenges he could face, which is why he made the switch over to join us here at Finch Nissan.

In his spare time Kyle is am usually spending time with his wonderful girlfriend and dog. They love going for hikes and out of town drives to find new interesting places to explore. Kyle also enjoys exercising and spending time with friends and family.

Why work with Kyle and Finch Nissan? Kyle is constantly trying to accommodate the requirements of clients and their families. Kyle places a lot more value on assisting customers in choosing the best vehicle than simply selling them any car on the lot. In order to create a solid and long-lasting relationship with consumers, he also takes care in making sure they have the best experience possible while visiting the dealership.